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Develop Your Path to Greatness

At Invested Restaurant Consulting my business is helping your business succeed. Whether you need help with the small issues like training staff or larger projects such as restructuring your business in a more corporate environment for a smoother and more efficient running business, Invested can help you reach these goals.

Founded by Bradley Toney in 2024.  It was at the early age of nine that Brad started cooking and he never would have guessed then that he would get to spend his life doing something he loved.  Over the past 30 years he’s been working at the best restaurants and learning from the best chefs the triangle has to offer.  In 2014 Brad decided to further his career by enrolling in culinary school.  Two and a half years later his accomplishments would consist of, graduating 6 months early, winning a gold medal in an ACF  competition and acceptance into the society of leadership and success , all while working 55 hours a week as a sous chef of a prestigious country club.  After graduating in 2017 he immediately got promoted to executive chef, this allowed him to challenge himself as a chef at a very high level..  With years of success as a chef and even more years held in every position FOH and BOH has to offer, Brad has decided to create Invested so he can share his knowledge and skills with others, in hopes they can reach the success they deserve.



 Packages and Plans

Please contact us for all pricing.

We will be here for you even after your consultation, Let us be invested with you.  
         Grand Opening Celebration! 

basic package

A basic consultation will go over the following: 

  • Location, demographics, local competition
  • Sales and financial review
  • Menu costing and food quality review
  • Organization and cleanliness review
  • BOH organization and efficiency review
  • FOH menu knowledge and efficiency review
  • Manager review


 One week basic consultation existing restaurants



 premium package

Premium package includes everything in basic package plus:

  • Restaurant theme if desired
  • Training if needed in BOH
  • Training if needed in FOH
  • Pre health inspection ready kitchen
  • MSDS binder
  • Organizational lists (prep, cleaning, etc.)
  • Assistance in recipe and menu creation


 Per week premium consultation existing restaurants



                New                     restaurants                

Thinking of owning your own restaurant, as exciting as it will be it will have its challenges.  At Invested we can stand beside you through your entire journey from theme and menu creation to training and helping open your restaurant to ensure a smooth start.  For further information and pricing about new openings please contact us, we look forward in talking to you.


Quarterly and annual plans

 Please contact us for pricing.

  • Hospitality plan- secret shopper review (quarterly plan).
  • Prepared plan- pre health inspection (quarterly plan).
  • Overwatch plan- Two pre health inspections and Two secret shoppers (annual plan).
  • Invested employee empowering plan- This is a new and innovative way for restaurants to show there employees there true appreciation, This program is designed to raise  morale throughout the whole restaurant, while raising work efficiency and sales. Please contact us for more information on this plan.
  • Solo plan- Invested is not just a consulting company we believe in solving problems even the smallest ones, whether its training or organizational issues  or any of the other hundreds of issues a restaurant can go through we are here for you.                               
  • Customizable Online Chef plan- This is an annual plan designed to help restaurants keep up to date with there finances while insuring a properly trained staff and an exciting menu. it’s like having a chef in your back pocket.